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We can update an existing monument with the date of passing right in the cemetery. There is no need to move the monument. Many people are surprised to discover that the date of death being engraved on the stone is included in the original purchase of the stone, however that is rarely true. Technically, you may do this, however the money must be put into an interest bearing trust account with all of the legal, required documentation. This must be administered by a licensed financial professional, so the simple cost of updating a memorial does not justify the expense of attorney fees, account managers and regulations. Also, there is no way of knowing when the need to inscribe the final date will arise, therefore other things to consider would be that there is no way of knowing the company will still be in business, or that the company will be under the same ownership as it was when purchased and detailed records may not have been kept up.

Over time, monuments may settle or come loose. It may be a minor fix like resetting the monument to the base, or it may be more extensive requiring repairs to the concrete foundation underneath. If a repair needs done, we will assess the extent of damage and then suggest what repairs or restoration we can do for you. For a free quote, or more information on this please contact us via phone or e-mail.
Sometimes, the weather can take its toll on monuments. When this happens, there are ways to help restore the monument to its previous condition and we may be able to help. Or if you wish to clean it yourself, we can advise you on ways to do so without damaging the finish of the granite.


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